Day 22: Ring Around the Moon

I saw the ring around the moon because I was out taking a walk.

I was out taking a walk after dark because I was irritated.

Walking is better than talking when one is irritated,

especially if one is a mother.

“Frothy nerves unsettle a household”.

The halo reached out to the stars and I wondered what it meant.

There is a story that says, “ring around the moon, rain is coming soon”.

But the weather man disagreed and it was dry.

I think it’s odd that we attribute those forecasters with such power;

they can’t make it rain or snow or shine and yet we talk as if they do.

The stars were cold and white and piercing-

a little like my thoughts that night-

but there were none inside that moon ring.

I read the science for the lunar halo is that there are icy cirrus clouds up there

through which the moon reflects light. Nice enough, but

how does that make a ring? How does it make a star shield? A barrier for pin pricks in the blackness?

Can I have one?


One thought on “Day 22: Ring Around the Moon

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